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You deserve a halitosis treatment program that is tailored to your specific needs. Our team, led by halitosis expert Dr. Sonia Olivares, will create an individualized program just for you, based on the results of your comprehensive halitosis exam. We provide compassionate, confidential care that produces lasting results that you can maintain for life.

Are you tired of bad breath controlling your life, jeopardizing job opportunities and threatening your personal and social relationships? We understand the stress bad breath causes, and more importantly, we know how to remove the problem at its source. We are ready to help you rediscover the real you and return happiness and confidence to your life — free from severe bad breath.


Treatment is generally painless and can be accomplished in couple of visits along with follow ups. The results are highly successful. We have many satisfied patients.


Doctor-Patient Discussion

At the offices of iSmile By Dr. Sonia Olivares, we believe it is vital to fully understand each patient’s struggle with bad breath. The halitosis exam begins with a doctor-patient discussion where each patient can openly discuss what they are going through, what they have done to try to eliminate the breath problem and what other factors are affecting their breath, positively or negatively.  In addition, medical history, medications and current oral hygiene practices are also reviewed.  From here, Dr. Olivares  will begin measuring the severity of the bad breath condition using up to six different techniques. All are necessary to get the correct diagnosis. Each provides specific information about the problem and is used to form a personalized treatment program for each patient. This is the most thorough breath examination in existence.

Halimeter Reading

A Halimeter reading is also used to measure the levels of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) in the breath. This is a clinical instrument used by Dr. Olivares, to diagnose and treat chronic halitosis (bad breath). The Halimeter can detect the different types and levels of compounds (odorous gases) that cause most bad breath. This allows Dr. Olivares, find out where your bad breath comes from (for example, your tongue, the back of your throat, or elsewhere), decide what the best treatment is, and monitor the treatment to see if it's working.  Normal breath readings will be between 80-100 ppb.

Organoleptic Test

The organoleptic test is a certified way of measuring bad breath.  Referred to as the “smell test,” the doctor will ask the patient to gently breathe on him as he puts his nose close to their mouth. The intensity of the odor is rated 0 – 5 where 5 is severe bad breath. This is the gold-standard used in Europe for the diagnosis of bad breath.

Gauze Tests

The final tests utilize sterile gauze which is used to wipe the very back of the tongue in order to remove a sample of the tongue coating.  The gauze is photographed and used as a visual comparison tool throughout treatment. The odor level is also rated and recorded by Dr. Olivares. She will also ask for the patient’s comments on the color and the smell of the gauze. The most important part of these gauze tests is to determine if all the odor is coming from the mouth; or, if there is a component coming from digestion or some other factor. If the odor on the gauze matches the odor from the breath (organoleptic test), then there is the highest probability that ALL odors are coming only from the mouth. Even if other odors are detected in the breath but not on the gauze, Dr. Sonia Olivares, with extensive training in nutrition, can recommend approaches to eliminate those odors also.

Dental Examination

A complete dental examination will be administered so that all the factors that are contributing to the individual’s bad breath can be determined. For instance, x-rays reveal if there are ill-fitting fillings or crowns, food traps, root decay, decay between the teeth, abscessed teeth, bone loss, and other conditions that contribute to bad breath. A tooth examination can expose decay, food traps, and ill-fitting dental work that contributes to bad breath as well as other information that may affect overall oral health. In addition, a gum examination shows if there are bleeding areas and any level of biofilm under the gums.

Halitosis Treatment Plan

Once halitosis has been confirmed and the severity determined, a treatment plan is formulated. Based on the tests above, whether there is any gum biofilm to be removed, as well as the difficulty in removing the biofilm, the number of treatment sessions is determined as well as the cost for a complete. The number of visits varies depending on the severity of the odor, the thickness of the biofilm, the tenaciousness of the biofilm and the gum component (if any) of treatment.

Provide a home care kit including (documentation, special mouthwash, dental grade tongue scraper, etc.) To keep your breath smelling fresh after treatment, you must follow the home care protocol. A revisit to our office every 3 months is expected to ensure that the treatment was successful and that you are satisfied completely. If you’ve been shying away from relationships because of your bad breath or have experienced a decline in your confidence resulting from bad breath, don’t let it affect your life any longer.

Get the bad breath treatment that really works – you deserve it!