Dr. Sonia Olivares

Halitosis, Bad Breath and more

Dr. Sonia Olivares has treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic bad breath in Florida. Bad breath (Halitosis), bad taste and periodontal disease occur due to a bacterial imbalance in the mouth. It is possible that the bacterial infection can travel through the bloodstream to other areas of the body and contribute to systemic disease. Dr. Olivares, utilizes high tech diagnostic equipment to analyze the bacterial imbalances of the mouth, and applies her professional techniques, to treat bad breath and treat periodontal disease. Bad breath is eliminated! Periodontal disease is treated!

Dr. Olivares. is a recognized innovator in the dental field. Dr. Sonia Olivares uses her extensive experience, expertise and education for the creation and maintenance of healthy, perfect smiles. Dr. Olivares possesses a post-graduate degree from the prestigious Neuromuscular Institute of the United States, LVI (Las Vegas Institute), in Full Mouth Reconstruction and TMJ Treatment. She is one of the few dentists in the Greater Miami area with a Neuromuscular background, which greatly adds to her profile as a
superior Cosmetic / Reconstructive Dentist.

Dr. Olivares, believe that it is all about listening to the patient, knowing them and understanding their concerns. It’s important to spend enough time with each patient to properly devise solutions that fit their desires and needs. Her goal is to provide comprehensive quality care with a professional and personal touch. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

Following her belief in giving back to the community, Dr. Olivares has provided dental treatment for Drug-Free World and South Florida Orphanage Organizations, volunteer at Path to Happiness, and has participated in mission trips to serve those in need through the United States and the Caribbean.

She loves spending time with her daughter, grandchild, family, friends, and colleagues. Her hobbies are reading, driving, watching good films but above all learning and helping others.

Dr. Olivares could change your business and social relationships, leading to self-confidence and self-esteem.